Why choose us?

Australia Melbourne Sina driving school has a long history, the industry reputation. Not only do we offer car license courses, but also Chinese courses for boat drivers, the only one in australia.

The passing rate of examination in our school is 95%! All the coaches have been trained strictly. In the English exam for the one and only traffic rules your learning more easily, backing storage, parallel parking, three point turn video teaching let you learned without teacher!

Boat license Chinese course, let you easily ride the wind and waves swimming in the sea!

One to one new car teaching, home shuttle, outdated supplement bell; English, Mandarin, Minnan dialect, Cantonese, Shanghai dialect, etc., our coaches come from all over the world, there is always a saying your hometown dialect!

Two Alipay, WeChat Shuabing microcode payment, payment, payment, pay wing, apple RoyalPay can be used here!