1.Which vehicle should go first?
2.This sign means?
3.You are driving vehicle A. You are about to collide with a cyclist who has pulled out ahead of you. To avoid collisions like this, you should
4.How close to an intersection without traffic lights can you legally park?
5.You want to park in a parallel parking area. How must you park?
6.You are driving vehicle A. What risk is involved in overtaking vehicle B on the left?
7.When are you permitted to park for three hours on either side of this sign?
8.There are double white continuous lines painted in the centre of the road. Are you permitted to cross the lines to overtake?
9.You are driving in peak hour traffic. Traffic is blocking the intersection. The lights are still green. What should you do?
10.This sign means?
11.You are driving on a freeway and pass this sign. You do not want to go on the tollway. What should you do?
12.Alcohol, drugs and certain medicines reduce your ability to drive safely. A mixture of any of these
13.What does this sign mean?
14.You are driving vehicle A. Which vehicles must you give way to?
15.At what speed is it advisable to travel on the road?
16.The booms of a railway level crossing are up and the signals are not flashing. Traffic is blocking your lane on the other side of the crossing. When should you drive through the crossing?
17.You are driving vehicle A along a narrow road. How should you manage this driving risk?
18.Which vehicle must give way?
19.You are driving Vehicle A. In what direction must you travel?
20.In what order should the vehicles go through the intersection?