1.You want to reduce your risk of crashing as a new solo driver. What is the most important thing you can do before you get your licence?
2.You want to drive straight through an intersection where there are no lights or signs. You must give way to
3.When can you travel in the rear load area of a van or station wagon?
4.You are driving in peak hour traffic. Traffic is blocking the intersection. The lights are still green. What should you do?
5.You are driving vehicle A. What should you do?
6.Pedestrians are using pedestrian lights to cross the road you are turning into. When must you give way to the pedestrians?
7.You are driving a car. You need to move into a bicycle lane to make a turn. What is the maximum distance that you are permitted to travel in a bicycle lane?
8.What does this sign mean?
9.When you are learning to drive you and your driving supervisor should
10.You are driving vehicle A. Which path must your vehicle take?
11.When is vehicle A permitted to overtake vehicle B?
12.You want to drive across the divided road. There are no other vehicles in either direction on the divided road. How many times must you stop?
13.When turning right at an intersection where there is a stop sign, and a stop line painted on the road, you should?
14.You are driving vehicle A. Vehicle B's hazard lights are on and it is blocking the road. What is the first thing you should do to warn the drivers behind you?
15.A driver has used cannabis (marijuana). What is the most likely effect using cannabis would have on the driver's ability to respond to traffic situations?
16.When can police request a driver to undergo a breath test?
17.A yellow traffic light means that you must
18.You are driving vehicle A.You must give way to
19.This sign means?
20.Vehicles A and B have collided. The most likely cause of the collision is that