1.You are driving vehicle A. Must you give way to vehicle B?
2.Which vehicles are permitted to park to the left of this sign?
3.You are driving vehicle A. How should you complete your turn?
4.Which vehicle must give way?
5.You are driving vehicle A. It is safe to turn left
6.You are tired after a day's work, and need to drive a long distance. What should you do?
7.You are driving vehicle A. Part of the load of truck B is about to fall off. You should
8.What does this sign mean?
9.What is one thing you should try if your brakes fail?
10.This sign means?
11.You want to drive straight through an intersection where there are no lights or signs. You must give way to
12.What does this sign indicate?
13.You are driving vehicle A on a multi-lane road in a 100 km/h speed zone. Which lane are you permitted to drive in?
14.What does this sign mean?
15.This parking sign means?
16.When is vehicle A permitted to overtake vehicle B?
17.You are driving a car. You need to move into a bus lane to turn. What is the maximum distance you may travel in a bus lane?
18.You are driving vehicle A. You must give way to
19.While driving a ‘head check’ means
20.You are driving vehicle A. When can you overtake?