1.What does this sign mean?
2.Which vehicle is permitted to park here?
3.You are driving vehicle A. You must give way to
4.If you are under 21years of age and on a P1 licence, how many people under 21 years of age (that are not immediate family members) may be passengers in your car ?
5.Which statement is true?
6.The booms of a railway level crossing are up and the signals are not flashing. Traffic is blocking your lane on the other side of the crossing. When should you drive through the crossing?
7.You are driving Vehicle A. You want to move to the right hand lane. You must -
8.You are driving vehicle A. When can you overtake vehicle B on the right?
9.You are driving vehicle A. You must give way to
10.What does this sign mean?
11.Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level is .15 which is well over the limit. What is the risk of crashing if you drive?
12.You are driving Vehicle A and intend to turn right at the intersection. Which vehicle gives way?
13.What does this sign mean on a multi-lane road?
14.What is the best advice for learner drivers about driving at night?
15.A driving log is useful for you as a learner driver because it
16.What does this sign mean?
17.When is it advisable to drive more than the usual two seconds behind the vehicle in front?
18.A red traffic light means that you must
19.You are driving a motor vehicle towards a marked multi-lane roundabout. You want to travel straight on through the roundabout to the road opposite. What lane must you take?
20.Which vehicle must give way?