Yacht course

In Vitoria, Australia, at the age of 12, you can apply for restricted yacht driver's license; at the age of 14, you can buy a yacht and register in their own name; more than 16 years of age can get a formal yacht driver's license, but must pass strict assessment. Once you get a yacht driver's license, you can not only buy a boat, charter, borrow a boat, but also can be used as an ID card.

Sina offers a Chinese course for recreational yacht drivers, the only one in australia. We have set up a Chinese question bank for the yacht driver's license test, so that you can pass the exam easily and happily.


Attention: do yacht driver test library exercises, please contact the driving school telephone: 1800-466-869 driving school staff to assign your member account number, and then you click on the link below landing can do yacht problem library!

Click link landing: yacht item bank